50 Days To Fall Countdown

Over the weekend amidst the scorching heat and terrible fires, I was feeling like there was no relief in site and I found myself wishing it was Fall. If you haven’t noticed….the Fall clothes have hit the stores, the Fall decor is out and yes even Christmas ornaments. Then I realized it was only 50 days away and that put me in a much better mood!

Because I am in the visual, event, product, design world I usually start thinking about the holidays in June and July anyway but this year I have decided to really celebrate Fall and officially count down to my favorite time of the year.   As of today we are actually down to 45 days…yippee! That means apple picking is right around the corner.

Fall is my favorite time of year hands down. Not just because I like cooler weather but because of the feeling that comes with Fall. Its crisp, cool, cozy and warm. Its decorating, crafting, baking and cooking. It’s friends and family.

So let the countdown begin…”The Striped Barn” has officially gone Fall!