Moose Head Decor

This is one of my favorite inspirational decor pieces!  I think everyone needs this moose head!

It will fit in anywhere, anytime…Hollywood glamour, a lodge, a cabin, a house, modern, contemporary, rustic, holiday, seasonal, winter, summer, year round…its just one of those pieces! If you like a little chic with your rustic… this is the moose for you!

This is going to be my new DIY project to make one of these!



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Wood Cabin or Wood Cottage?

I just love this!! So raw and rustic… simple and beautiful…. This home reminds me of simple times, cozy gatherings and  holidays.

I would love to hear from you!  What it is that draws you to this photo and why you love it?



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Log Home Living

When I see a photo like this I don’t think oh look at the sofa or what a cute coffee table…. I think: wow look at all that wood and texture and how the beams form their own design all the way up to the ceiling…. and look at that natural light coming in through those amazing windows!

Neutral and natural is the best way to show off texture! You know you have a great design when the furniture takes the back seat to the architectural features. Furniture serves a purpose but its the architectural features that invite us in. Can’t do a lot…then just do a little!

I say let that $8,000 sofa go and spend your money on as many architectural elements that you can! A $2,000 sofa will be just as comfortable and look at the view you will gain!

Re purpose, reclaim, re salvage…


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Flea Market Home Decor Inspiration

OK, so I just have to share….  My friend sent me this pic of the gallery wall she did with all of her finds, treasures, and memories! The cool vintage furniture, the accessories, the rugs,..everything. Now if that’s not some serious flea market, junking, thrift store scoring, treasure hunting inspiration I don’t know what is! That’s Mollie Mae on the sofa and Vixey on the floor, her prize possessions… they were found and rescued too!!

She is an expert thrift-er and you can follow her on Instagram, she always has fun things for sale!  @thethriftydarlin

So all my DIY friends…If you want to create your own gallery wall just do it! Don’t try to lay everything out and match each side or make a template…. just start hanging! A gallery wall should be as unique as you are! Mix it up with memories, mementos and all your fabulous finds! If you only have a few items hang them up and then start searching, you will fill your wall up in no time! See you at the next flea market!

Happy Hunting!!


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The Mix and Match Design Trick to Creating Rustic Style

The new comfy, cozy rustic styles are trending but can be very confusing. Is farmhouse the new Shabby? Isn’t organic the same as rustic? What is woodsy? What is modern farmhouse? How can I add just a touch of rustic? Can I mix vintage with everything? I get these questions all the time!

Confused? I can tell you what you are probably doing wrong…..Don’t pick just one style….How boring would that be? Plus when you limit yourself and focus on just one exact style, it’s actually harder to pull off!  That’s when you usually call me in to fix it, which is great, but you can do it yourself, really! Mix it up, pick at least 2 or 3 styles you like and start in. Don’t be intimidated.  How many times have you seen a room in a magazine where you thought, “Oh, I like this but I wouldn’t have done that, or put that there”.  I know I have a million times. But someone else loves that room! That’s the best part about being unique with your own style… it is your unique style and there is no way everyone is going to love it, but you do.

I love that my style is a crazy mix of many things:  Farmhouse, rustic, reclaimed, repurposed, boho, vintage, ranch, industrial, cottage, shabby with a touch of chic and a hint of modern. The blunt version:  flea market finds, DIY projects, wood and a few modern conveniences.  I love a room that has character, is lived in, has a cozy feel and reflects who I am the moment you walk in.  Yes, I have a thing for anything distressed because it has a story, has been a little abused, and is in need of some TLC. The best part…’s my unique style.

Growing up we lived in every inch of our house and we didn’t have that room that was off limits except for holidays.  There were always a few scratches and dings on the furniture and an eclectic mix of furniture pieces, some bought and some inherited that were one of a kind. In full disclosure most of the scratches and dings did come from me as a child! Back then a wreath or dried flowers was considered “rustic”, and many would have things refinished so they were perfect again. However, today we pay top dollar for all that furniture with imperfections and it’s the “new rustic”. Who would have ever thought? I love all things distressed and like to rescue furniture as much as I like to rescue animals.

My advice to you, don’t get hung up on styles or names. My rustic might be your organic but we share the same style vision so who cares what it’s called…it’s your own unique style and you can mix anything and call it whatever you would like! That’s what you’re missing and that’s what you will be happy with. If you’re looking for your wow factor, what draws attention is your unique style, not the same thing everyone else has. Years ago we called it eclectic, which was the fancy word for mismatched. Maybe different chairs at a table, at a table, colors, or opposing textile styles.

Mismatched fashion is huge right now. I can grab anything out of my closet whether it matches or not and look like I spent hours pulling it all together!  That’s what you can do when you start mixing styles. Graphic designers, interior designers, fashion designers, magazines, social media posts always mix up styles and make it their own to create interest and to give you something new and interesting that you haven’t seen.

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Why Do You Love Fall?

Wow, what inspiration to start your Fall decorating… It’s no secret that Fall is my favorite time of year! I have always thought it was because I like cooler weather and seasons with colorful landscapes. Its like mother nature just turns up the color in Fall. It is also because Fall is the start of all things cozy, warm and fuzzy.  Everyone seems to gather more around the holidays and find more reasons to spend time together. Its apple picking, pumpkin patches, football, haunted houses, baking, Christmas decor, favorite holiday movies, fun drinks and cozy spaces.

In my world of design, crafting and DIY projects this is when we turn it up for the next four months. As if I wasn’t already working on enough projects! At my house there is lots of decorating and much more baking. I start my end of year decorating plan in August and have all my Halloween decor up before Labor Day with the exception of my front door wreath which I keep on the inside of my front door until the day after Labor Day, so the neighbors don’t think I’m crazy. This year I have already made 2 pumpkin pies and I can’t wait to watch Hocus Pocus.

So why do you love Fall? I would love to hear!



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Tips to Transition into Fall Gracefully

One more week to September and you cant wait to get out your big orange and black bins that have been stored away for a year with fun Fall and Halloween decor!  But maybe you aren’t quite ready  for pumpkins and ghosts to take over your home….here are a few tips to transition into Fall and the Holidays gracefully:

  • Use different colors than the traditional oranges and blacks, who doesn’t love a blue pumpkin!
  • Mix a few Fall items like pumpkins and Fall leaves in with other items like succulents or fresh flowers
  • Use muted or pastel versions of Fall colors
  • Use patterns for your table or pillows that are Fall-ish but can also blend with any decor such as a black or orange buffalo plaid or stripe
  • Change out candles to Fall scents
  • Put up your wood signs or decor pieces that have words like “Gather”

Keep decorating!



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Modern Farmhouse or Farmhouse Modern?

Yes, I am obsessed with wood beams and their beauty. I also like my modern farmhouse with a little less modern but there is a fine line with doing farmhouse style to keep it current. This brings me to my texture rule….  Too much wood and texture seems outdated. But just add a touch of modern and you can pull it off. balance to pull it off. In this case obviously the wood features take center stage and the accessories pull off the balance factor. This is the perfect style if you like a rustic feel without a lot of clutter.



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50 Days To Fall Countdown

Over the weekend amidst the scorching heat and terrible fires, I was feeling like there was no relief in site and I found myself wishing it was Fall. If you haven’t noticed….the Fall clothes have hit the stores, the Fall decor is out and yes even Christmas ornaments. Then I realized it was only 50 days away and that put me in a much better mood!

Because I am in the visual, event, product, design world I usually start thinking about the holidays in June and July anyway but this year I have decided to really celebrate Fall and officially count down to my favorite time of the year.   As of today we are actually down to 45 days…yippee! That means apple picking is right around the corner.

Fall is my favorite time of year hands down. Not just because I like cooler weather but because of the feeling that comes with Fall. Its crisp, cool, cozy and warm. Its decorating, crafting, baking and cooking. It’s friends and family.

So let the countdown begin…”The Striped Barn” has officially gone Fall!



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Somethin’ bout a truck

Somethin’ bout a truck….

Ahhh the romance of something so classic and rustic mixed with something so beautiful….

That truck has miles of memories and the flowers are so fresh and new. Adding a touch of new to anything old brings it back to life.  It wakes up the past stories that might have been while creating new memories that will remain timeless.

There is always something in the past worth remembering and something in the future we dream about….



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