Field to Table Dining

Field to Table Dining

There is something magical about dining outside surrounded by nature. One of my favorite ways to dine is what I like to call field to table dining. There is something about a wood table and chairs in a rustic setting paired with items such crystal and lace. Part of the magic is using indoor table and chairs that are not your typical outdoor furniture. If you want to keep your indoor furniture clean, wrap baggies around the legs to keep dirt and moisture off. Once the legs are nestled in the grass you won’t even see them.

Fresh flowers or fairy lights add even another layer of pure luxury and romance. Just add amazing food and great company and you have what I would call the perfect field to table dining experience! Extra points if there is a barn, a lake or horses nearby.

Such a simple, inexpensive way to create a memorable dining experience!



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A New Twist on the Metal Chair

So I just saw these chairs in a HGTV photo and I am obsessed! I love a metal chair paired with a big wood farmhouse dining table. Mixing up textures is what creates interest and turns your space into a wow. If you want to really mix it up and put yet another spin on this look then add a pale blue metal chair. I prefer a muted, pale color when mixing but you can also find these chairs in brighter colors.  HGTV showed this photo of how you can successfully mix color and textures. You can also find these chairs in other colors.So if you want to take your style up a notch and create a beautiful blend of the unexpected try colorful metal chairs.

I found very similar chairs on Amazon for $99 (set of 4)



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New Finds!

As you know one of my favorite things is to add interest by mixing it up and the more the better.  I was looking for something fun look to add interest to a dining room set and I ran across these so I thought I would share my finds with you. I found both of these online at Tov Furniture and at Birch Lane. Both of these would work great as head of table chairs to add interest and change up your dining table without breaking the bank!

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The Secrets of Planning a Successful Event

Events should be fun so don’t let them be overwhelming.  The secrets to a great event is: planning, sourcing, organization and delegating. 

When we do an event we start with the planning stage which in our world means getting your vision down on paper while putting our creative spin on every detail..

Sourcing is our fancy term for finding all the expensive items needed while staying within your budget. This can be challenging sometimes and this is where the creativity comes in handy. Trying to create a vision without creativity will break the bank!

Then we come to the organization part. Without organization you would never be able to pull off a successful event…organization means being prepared for anything…trust me on this! When we say organization we mean check and double check every detail, every shipment, every vendor, every schedule, every invoice and every person that has a task to do. Then have a backup plan and extra everything!

If you like to always be in control this is the time you need to let go and delegate.  Trying to pick up a cake and make appetizers while you are decorating a venue might seem easy…until…you have to chase down the missing flowers. Delegate…let everyone do what they are good at while you bask in the glory of a successful event your quests will always remember!

Remember we can help with whatever you need for your next event, whether its a little or a lot give us a call!


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Design Tips for Small Spaces

So you’ve decided to downsize and want the same pulled together look you had in your larger space. Small spaces can have the same feel as larger spaces, you just have to make a few adjustments.

Here’s a great example: When you visit a website on your computer vs when you open the same website on your phone, you will never be able to view all the details on your phone space that you would view on a large screen computer, but you still get the same visual feel and information.

I like to think of a small space or area as a “vignette” which is a french word meaning; a short version that clearly expresses the typical characteristics of something.

When designing a small space here are a few tips:

Think simple, less is more
Keep it light
No clutter allowed
Start with your largest item first
Go for a neutral space with pops of color
Accessorize the space to coordinate
Use what you love just less of it

If you have questions or just need ideas give us a call!



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Missing Something? Add Texture

What do the words coastal, cottage, rustic, farmhouse, tropical, country, southern, boho, shabby chic, and lakeside all have in common? They are all simple, inviting, comfy  styles that incorporate outdoor elements, architectural features and lots of texture.  The right design can create a lifestyle. Adding casual elements will enhance any space without compromising luxury or function and can be blended with any style including modern or contemporary.

A space is not complete without texture. Even the most minimalist, modern or contemporary design needs a balance.

When I get the frantic “I need help” call. I find that it is usually one of three things….color, scale or texture. Most of the time it is the absence of texture. Don’t be afraid of it, your not going to look like your camping….unless that’s the look your going for and in that case yay for you!  Just because you add some wood pieces or beams or rough texture your space isn’t going to look any less luxurious. Try adding some stone on a wall or back splash or maybe some shells. Sisal, sea grass, bamboo and all things sustainable are always perfect for any space. Maybe all you need is a textured pillow, or a throw and a couple of straw hats. A wood sign is perfect for any style and one of my all time favorite go to accessories.  We have a great selection at The Striped Barn The idea is to just have a little something to compliment the icy, sterile look of all things smooth.

Keep in mind the opposite can also  happen so don’t add too much texture. The balance works both ways.  If you love all things rustic and distressed like I do then be sure to keep your balance in check by adding enough smooth elements.


DESIGN TIP: Next time your stuck in your design process try adding texture and I bet you will find what you’ve been missing.



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