Events should be fun so don’t let them be overwhelming.  The secrets to a great event is: planning, sourcing, organization and delegating. 

When we do an event we start with the planning stage which in our world means getting your vision down on paper while putting our creative spin on every detail..

Sourcing is our fancy term for finding all the expensive items needed while staying within your budget. This can be challenging sometimes and this is where the creativity comes in handy. Trying to create a vision without creativity will break the bank!

Then we come to the organization part. Without organization you would never be able to pull off a successful event…organization means being prepared for anything…trust me on this! When we say organization we mean check and double check every detail, every shipment, every vendor, every schedule, every invoice and every person that has a task to do. Then have a backup plan and extra everything!

If you like to always be in control this is the time you need to let go and delegate.  Trying to pick up a cake and make appetizers while you are decorating a venue might seem easy…until…you have to chase down the missing flowers. Delegate…let everyone do what they are good at while you bask in the glory of a successful event your quests will always remember!

Remember we can help with whatever you need for your next event, whether its a little or a lot give us a call!