Call it what you want…modern rustic, organic, timber home, cabin, neutral, mountain home. I call it cozy with a view. I found this cozy inspiration room on and just had to share! My clients are always asking me how to blend gray and beige in their space. In fact I just had a client last week that wanted to do just that. Take paint colors for instance. A foolproof way is to pick your favorite colors from your inspiration. Maybe it’s the view, a favorite color, or a piece of furniture or art piece. Check paint samples and decide if it has warm, cool or neutral tone or any added undertones. If you use a paint deck you can see the undertones go from warm to cool. Once you have a fav make sure it goes with what you currently have in your space. If you need coordinating colors or whites for trim check with your paint store or do a search for your color. They will have coordinating colors that were specifically matched to blend with that color.

f your choosing neutrals for stone, rugs, furniture, accessories or art you can mix warms and cools easily. Choose some pieces that have a mix of multiple colors as blending pieces. Neutral is a safe bet and will go with anything. Keep your large items such as flooring, wood and stone that cover large areas or are permanently built in neutral. Be careful with costly art and consider that a permanent piece also. Then just pick and choose all your favorite accent pieces such as pillows and accessories.

Neutral will always be my favorite color palette and I never find it boring or stale. I think we should go with what we like and not what is in trending for the year and this just works. OK so I do get bored easily and always like to change things up so yes this works for that. However, I realized that neutrals keep me grounded and I find them soothing and relaxing. The best part is I can temporarily add any colors, at any time for any occasion and totally transform the space and then change it right back! Neutrals are more than black, white, gray and tan. They have their own palette with thousands of variations. So, don’t underestimate neutrals…they do more for your space than you think. Why do I love neutrals?

  • Provide a perfect background to showcase other elements in your home such as architectural features and favorite pieces.
  • Give that fabulous view a chance to be the focal point
  • Allow you to have more flexibility with the other items you choose for your space
  • You can add pops of color for seasons and holidays

Neutrals aren’t for everyone but if you are drawn to them don’t be afraid to experiment and add your own pops of color as you go. It’s an easy, fun way to decorate your space!