This was such a fun week of floral design! Even though I also love to bake and had an order go out for over 100 cupcakes, my favorite part of the week was all the flowers! You have to admit there’s just something about walking into a space that’s filled with fresh flowers! The smell, the beauty…it just instantly lifts your spirits no matter what your mood is! I honestly don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to get flowers! This fall bouquet with black and white striped ribbon is one of my favorite inspiration photos and I get it out every year about this time as I transition into fall design! So, as I wrap up a lot of the summer events to make room for September and the cool weather that’s to follow…yay!  I wanted to share a few pics of my simple arrangements from this week… even though you can’t smell them or touch them, maybe the pics will lift your spirits!

Boutonnieres and corsages are always cute in their own understated, simple way…but the flower crown always gets the “cuteness” award!!


I hope that at least gave you a little boost…next time your at the store grab a bouquet of flowers and your mood will instantly change I promise! I love them all but have my favorites depending on my mood and the occasion… What are your favorite flowers? Carrie XOXO