What do the words coastal, cottage, rustic, farmhouse, tropical, country, southern, boho, shabby chic, and lakeside all have in common? They are all simple, inviting, comfy  styles that incorporate outdoor elements, architectural features and lots of texture.  The right design can create a lifestyle. Adding casual elements will enhance any space without compromising luxury or function and can be blended with any style including modern or contemporary.

A space is not complete without texture. Even the most minimalist, modern or contemporary design needs a balance.

When I get the frantic “I need help” call. I find that it is usually one of three things….color, scale or texture. Most of the time it is the absence of texture. Don’t be afraid of it, your not going to look like your camping….unless that’s the look your going for and in that case yay for you!  Just because you add some wood pieces or beams or rough texture your space isn’t going to look any less luxurious. Try adding some stone on a wall or back splash or maybe some shells. Sisal, sea grass, bamboo and all things sustainable are always perfect for any space. Maybe all you need is a textured pillow, or a throw and a couple of straw hats. A wood sign is perfect for any style and one of my all time favorite go to accessories.  We have a great selection at The Striped Barn www.thestripedbarn.com The idea is to just have a little something to compliment the icy, sterile look of all things smooth.

Keep in mind the opposite can also  happen so don’t add too much texture. The balance works both ways.  If you love all things rustic and distressed like I do then be sure to keep your balance in check by adding enough smooth elements.


DESIGN TIP: Next time your stuck in your design process try adding texture and I bet you will find what you’ve been missing.