I love flea markets, don’t you? I do think I have a DIY obsession, especially for furniture…Yes as you can see I usually find something to bring home. That feeling when you find something that just needs a little TLC to be beautiful again! That special item you know you won’t find in a store that has so much history and mystery behind it! It’s all about the hunt and the price, and when the 2 come together its magic!  I’m sure you can relate… One time you come home with nothing, the next time you find that item you wondered how you ever lived without! Believe me I have a lot of those items and I’m sure you do too!

So, last week I found a great table that will look amazing with a coat of white paint, new drawer pull and some distressing! I went to one of my favorite flea markets, the “Coast Vintage Market” at Saddleback College. If you haven’t been you must go, they have great finds! It is held the second Sunday of every month. www.thecoastvintagemarket.com for more information.

Do you have a favorite flea market? Please let us know if you do!

See you there!